Mineral Processing Department

Geology and Mineralogy Division

  • Mineral Processing and Mineral Beneficiation Pilot Plant (MBPP) Division
  • Fuels and Energy Division
  • Refractories Division
  • Marketing/Consultancy/Training Division
  • Research Documentation and Planning Division

Research Administration and Consultancy Department

Human Resource Management Department

Finance and Accounts Department

Utilities and Maintenance Department

Analytical Services Department

  • Classical Chemical Analysis Division
  • Instrumental Analysis Division
  • Environmental Pollution Control Division

Materials Analysis and Metal Testing Department

  • Physical Metallurgy Division
  • Foundry Division
  • Corrosion and Surface Protection Division
  • Mechanical Testing Division

Metal Processing and Production Department

Office of the Director General

CT Unit

Procurement Unit

Refractories Unit

Welding& Fabrication Unit

Mineral Beneficiation Pilot Plant Unit

Company Secretary/Legal Unit

Planning Unit

Protocol Unit

Internal Audit Unit

Liaison Offices/External Relations Unit